Who are we?

Oceanic Développement provides its customers with a multidisciplinary team made up of qualified and experienced engineers and technicians, capable of intervening effectively on projects in the office and in the field.

To guarantee optimal service, Oceanic Développement also relies on its network of privileged partners and external consultants with whom the company has maintained a relationship of trust for many years.

Oceanic Development can thus meet the needs of its Customers, even the most specific, nationally and internationally.

  • Jean-Michel AUDRAIN: General Manager

Agronomist Engineer (equivalent to a MSc), graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Rennes (1991), specialized in fisheries sciences. With more than 20 years spent in the fields of inspection, control and certification within the fishing and aquaculture industries, at the international level, he is now in charge of Agriculture & Food Certification Department at Bureau Veritas France. He led numerous projects with various stakeholders such as fishermen, Producer Organisations, fish auction markets, processors, distributors and retailers. These missions took place all along the French shore, and in Northern Europe – Scandinavia, the Mediterranean basin and the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Aude STIRNEMANN-RELOT: Executive Manager

20180626_142332Agronomist Engineer (equivalent to a MSc), graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Rennes (2002), specialized in fisheries sciences, she has joined the company since 2005 as a consultant, and she was responsible for the planning of fisheries monitoring programs. Previously operations manager, she is now the executive manager supervising the activities of the company and the overall planning. She is responsible for the proper implementation of fisheries data collection programs and she carries her expertise on the studies.

  • Céline RENAUD: Project manager – Fisheries expert

Agronomist Engineer (equivalent to a MSc degree), graduated from the « École Nationale d’Ingénieurs des Travaux Agricoles de Bordeaux » (2010), specialized in new Information and communication technologies applied to agronomy (AgroTIC), Céline joined the company in July 2017, as a project  manager, after more than four years’ experience working for the French fisheries control office (Directorate for sea fisheries and aquaculture in the Ministry in charge of ecology and sustainable development, Paris-La Défense, France) and three years’ experience as a design engineer from the National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD, Sète, France). Her background has allowed her to assess the fishing sector from different perspectives: scientific, administrative and technical, to understand challenges and issues and to manage complex projects involving various national and international stakeholders.

  • Etienne JARRY: Project manager – Fisheries expert

20180626_142223Holder of an M.Sc. in Ecology and an M.SC in Business, Mr Etienne Jarry has 10 years of experience in managing and supporting fisheries and aquaculture project in Europe and over the world. Consultant from 2009, he has been involved in European Commission studies, e.g. from 2013 to 2016, he carried out numerous EU Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement evaluations as expert first then as team leader (Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Comoros, Mauritius, Madagascar, Ghana and Equatorial Guinea). Furthermore, he was in charge of the Economic analysis of the European Union tuna fleets involved in fishing activities governed by RFMOs or FPAs study carried out in 2015 and on the impact of the deep sea fisheries. He also intervened on EU funded programs (ACPFishII, TBT Programme,…) and regional observer programme on behalf of the ICCAT Secretariat (ROP-BFT) or the French administration (DPMA).

  • Joanna VEGA: Monitoring programs coordinator

Joanna holds a Research Master in Marine Biology. She joined Oceanic Développement as a scientific observer of tuna fisheries (sampling and catch measurements) in the Indian Ocean in 2018. Since late 2019, she has been coordinating various scientific data collection programs of the company: Obsmer / Obsventes observation program, tuna fleet observation programs: IRD / DCF, OCUP and ICCAT Moratorium, fishing gear selectivity programs, data collection program SIH, etc.
Before joining our team, Joanna held positions as project manager in the voluntary sector (APECS) for the collection and validation of data in participatory science programs and also worked in a research laboratory (IRSTEA) as an assistant engineer in fish farming experimentation.

  • Elisa TEISSEIRE : junior fisheries expert

DSC_0023 Graduated with a Master of Science (MSc) in Fisheries and Aquaculture from the Institute for Life, Food and Horticultural Sciences and Landscaping in 2017, Elisa joined Oceanic Développement in March 2020. She carried out her end of study project at the Regional Council of Brittany, on the exploration of ways to develop starfish based products on the market as it is a predator impacting shellfish fishing and farming activities. Subsequently, she worked for two years at the French institute of agricultural, food and environment research (INRAE) as a project engineer on environmental analysis projects for fishery and aquaculture products (Life Cycle Assessment). Finally, she also worked on an applied research project aimed at improving the quality of trout in fish farming.
These experiences have enable her to explore innovative themes such as the valorisation of sea byproducts, the application of Life Cycle Analysis to French fishery products or the search for alternatives to fishmeal and fish oil in aquaculture. Also, she has acquired professional expertise in both the fishing and aquaculture sectors as well as technical skills in environmental analysis (LCA) or in management and analysis of scientific data.

  • Régis LE MERDY : Fisheries technician

Holder of a Higher Technician of the Sea diploma from CNAM INTECHMER, Régis joined Oceanic Développement as a scientific observer of tuna fisheries in the Indian Ocean in 2016. Since February 2019, he has held the position of program supervisor “ObsMer” and “ObsVentes”. Within this framework, he validates data issued from the various fisheries observation programs, and supports the coordination of the ObsVentes program.
Before joining Oceanic Développement, Regis held technical positions in various institutes and laboratories (MNHN in Concarneau, CNRS biological station in Roscoff, Ifremer in Dinard). These experiences have enabled him to acquire solid skills in the implementation of protocols (sampling, observation) as well as in banking and data analysis.

  • Arthur YON: Fisheries Technician

Holder of a Master of research in Marine ecology, Arthur joined Oceanic Développement as a fisheries technician at the end of August 2019. He works on various projects having the common problem of analyzing the catches of tuna seiners in the Indian Ocean, observed by an electronic monitoring (EM) device called “Electronic eye”.
Before joining Oceanic Développement, Arthur completed a 6-month internship at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (Perth). This experience allowed him to publish his first scientific article and develop his skills in data and video analysis.

  • Anne-Lise VERNET: Fisheries Technician

Technicienne halieute, diplômée en 2006 d’un master en biologie marine, Anne-Lise a rejoint Oceanic Développement en juillet 2016 en tant qu’observatrice des pêches dans le cadre du programme Obsmer puis en mai 2019 en tant que technicienne halieute sur le programme “Œil Electronique” (EMS). Elle travaille sur la collecte de données scientifiques par l’observation d’images enregistrées à bord de thoniers senneurs dans l’océan Indien et sur l’élaboration de protocoles et de formulaires. Avant d’intégrer l’équipe d’Oceanic Développement, Anne-Lise a travaillé comme chargée de mission à l’IRD et pour l’OP Orthongel pendant 5 ans, sur la mise en œuvre et le suivi des programmes favorisant une pêche viable, responsable et durable des thoniers senneurs adhérents à l’OP (DCP écologiques, bonnes pratiques, etc.). Elle dispose également d’une expérience d’observatrice embarquée au sein des TAAF, sur les thoniers senneurs espagnols, et d’assistante coordinatrice des campagnes d’observation de la pêche au thon.

  • Joachim WINKLER: Fisheries Technician

20180704_112548Holding a MSc in marine and coastal sciences, he has led monitoring missions for Oceanic Développement since 2010. He is involved in Obsmer program or various fishing gear selectivity programs on board fishing fleets, especially trawlers and longliners targeting deep-sea species in Western Scotland and Northern Ireland. He also monitored a three months fishing trip on board a tuna purse seiner in the Gulf of Guinea. In his duties, he has completed the training to the personal survival and safety techniques, the training to the identification of the marine species and the training to audit and survey tasks.

  • Franck HUBERT: Fisheries Observer / Auditor

Graduated from the ENCPM located in the city of Lorient (School of seafood trading), graduated from French Maritime Schools, he has worked at Oceanic Développement since 1999 as fishery observer. He carries a thorough knowledge of the challenges and methods in the implementation of fisheries programs. Having completed a specific training of auditor, he has the skills to conduct audits in respect with “good practices”, “sustainable fishery”, “social criteria” or with certification procedures (Friend of the Sea, FAD Free certification). He can also train the employees to such missions.

  • Our team is completed by:
    • ten observers trained and benefiting from several years of field experience. These observers are involved in all of our fisheries observation programs and more specifically the Obsmer / Obsventes program. They are distributed on the coast of the English Channel and the North Sea and also sail in the waters in West Scotland and Northern Ireland.
    • two project officers – trainers , working on the entire French metropolitan coast as part of training missions and field surveys.
    • a project officer , made available to the National Center for Fisheries Monitoring (CROSS, Etel).
    • an administrative assistant: Laetitia FORNER.