Who we are ?

Oceanic Développement is staffed with a pluridisciplinary and experienced team. Comprising both consultants dedicated to studies, and technicians deployed on the field, our team can meet efficiently your needs in studies, consultancy services, support to projects development, and it can also provides for technical assistance in fisheries monitoring, controlling, surveys :

  • Jean-Michel AUDRAIN : General Manager

Agronomist Engineer (equivalent to a MSc), graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Rennes (1991), specialized in fisheries sciences. With more than 20 years spent in the fields of inspection, control and certification within the fishing and aquaculture industries, at the international level, he is now in charge of Agriculture & Food Certification Department at Bureau Veritas France. He led numerous projects with various stakeholders such as fishermen, Producer Organisations, fish auction markets, processors, distributors and retailers. These missions took place all along the French shore, and in Northern Europe – Scandinavia, the Mediterranean basin and the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Aude STIRNEMANN-RELOT: Executive Manager                                              

20180626_142332Agronomist Engineer (equivalent to a MSc), graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Rennes (2002), specialized in fisheries sciences, she has joined the company since 2005 as a consultant, and she was responsible for the planning of fisheries monitoring programs. Previously operations manager, she is now the executive manager supervising the activities of the company and the overall planning. She is responsible for the proper implementation of fisheries data collection programs and she carries her expertise on the studies.

  • Émilie MOËC : Monitoring programs coordinator                              

20180605_123503Holding a MSc in Marine Biology, she joined the company first at a position of survey agent, dealing with a set of fishing vessels, conducting socio-economical surveys by fishing skippers. She also has experience as onboard agent for tropical tuna purse seine fishery monitoring (sampling and measurements of catches). She is now in charge of the planning of monitoring (IRD, Obsmer) and sampling (Ifremer) programs conducted at sea. She also trains the employees to the monitoring / sampling job.

  • Céline RENAUD : Project manager – fisheries expert

Agronomist Engineer (equivalent to a MSc degree), graduated from the « École Nationale d’Ingénieurs des Travaux Agricoles de Bordeaux » (2010), specialized in new Information and communication technologies applied to agronomy (AgroTIC), Céline joined the company in July 2017, as a project  manager, after more than four years’ experience working for the French fisheries control office (Directorate for sea fisheries and aquaculture in the Ministry in charge of ecology and sustainable development, Paris-La Défense, France) and three years’ experience as a design engineer from the National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD, Sète, France). Her background has allowed her to assess the fishing sector from different perspectives: scientific, administrative and technical, to understand challenges and issues and to manage complex projects involving various national and international stakeholders.

  • Etienne JARRY : Project manager – fisheries expert

20180626_142223Holder of an M.Sc. in Ecology and an M.SC in Business, Mr Etienne Jarry has 10 years of experience in managing and supporting fisheries and aquaculture project in Europe and over the world. Consultant from 2009, he has been involved in European Commission studies, e.g. from 2013 to 2016, he carried out numerous EU Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement evaluations as expert first then as team leader (Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Comoros, Mauritius, Madagascar, Ghana and Equatorial Guinea). Furthermore, he was in charge of the Economic analysis of the European Union tuna fleets involved in fishing activities governed by RFMOs or FPAs study carried out in 2015 and on the impact of the deep sea fisheries. He also intervened on EU funded programs (ACPFishII, TBT Programme,…) and regional observer programme on behalf of the ICCAT Secretariat (ROP-BFT) or the French administration (DPMA).

  • Amélie REGIMBART : junior fisheries expert

DSC_0023Agronomist Engineer (equivalent to a MSc degree), graduated from the « Agrocampus Ouest» (2016), specialized in fisheries and aquatic sciences, Amélie has joined Oceanic Développement in February 2018 as junior fisheries expert. Before joining the company, she was design engineer at Agrocampus Ouest for one and a half year, where she worked on projects related to fisheries resources management (cartographic inventory of essential fish habitat in French waters) and sea products marketing. In 2016, she proposed methods approaches for monitoring recreational fisheries in France under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MFSD). She took part in ICES working group on recreational fisheries survey, providing an opportunity to exchange views and experiences with leading experts. These experiences have allowed her to develop her knowledge of fisheries sector (management, uses, stakeholders) at national and European level and to gain technical skills in mapping, data management and statistics.

  • Charlotte GOUESBIER : Fisheries technician

Holding a MSc in the management of coastal environments, graduated from the IUEM located in the city of Brest, she has joined the team in 2011 at the position of fisheries survey agent. She had monitored distant fishing trips in the Celtic Sea and the Irish Sea for more than one year. In her duties, she has completed all the related training programs, such as the training to the personal survival and safety techniques or the training to the identification of the European marine species provided by the French Museum of Natural History. In June 2012, she was responsible for controlling, validating and transmitting data from the OBSMER Program. Since September 2015, she has held this position on a permanent basis. With a strong experience, she masters sampling and data collection procedures, and the use of Allegro Software. She is also regularly solicited by Ifremer to attend trainings to the software (on top of the internal trainings) or to trials of new versions.

  • Joachim WINKLER : Fisheries Technician

20180704_112548Holding a MSc in marine and coastal sciences, he has led monitoring missions for Oceanic Développement since 2010. He is involved in Obsmer program or various fishing gear selectivity programs on board fishing fleets, especially trawlers and longliners targeting deep-sea species in Western Scotland and Northern Ireland. He also monitored a three months fishing trip on board a tuna purse seiner in the Gulf of Guinea. In his duties, he has completed the training to the personal survival and safety techniques, the training to the identification of the marine species and the training to audit and survey tasks.

  • Franck HUBERT : Fisheries Observer / Auditor

Graduated from the ENCPM located in the city of Lorient (School of seafood trading), graduated from French Maritime Schools, he has worked at Oceanic Développement since 1999 as fishery observer. He carries a thorough knowledge of the challenges and methods in the implementation of fisheries programs. Having completed a specific training of auditor, he has the skills to conduct audits in respect with “good practices”, “sustainable fishery”, “social criteria” or with certification procedures (Friend of the Sea, FAD Free certification). He can also train the employees to such missions.

This team gets support from Karen MEVELEC, administrative assistant.

Our pluridisciplinary crew is also strengthened by a team of observers at sea and by an international network of experts and partnered organizations. Thus, Oceanic Développement can meet foreign and distant needs, which are more and more specific in the field of fisheries, and requiring a pluridisciplinary approach.