Sectoral analysis of the fishing industry

Upstream and downstream activities across the fishing industry enhance socio-economic benefits in adding value and generating jobs. Therefore, they are important and they must be considered in sectoral development strategy.

Oceanic Développement has conducted various studies on socio-economic matters, such as the quantification of benefits, the assessment of obstacles to development and the means (technical, institutional or financial) to mitigate these obstacles. We also carry project opportunity statements on the relevant downstream or upstream activities.

For instance, Oceanic Développement has contributed to the prospective evaluation of a blue growth policy at the European scale, being especially in charge with the topic “renewable fisheries resources”.

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Oceanic Développement has also conducted several assessment studies of ports, such as the statement and trends within the local fishing fleets, and the relative downstream and upstream activities, prioritizing and recommending the public supports, inventory of harbor facilities and financial statement, legal framework of harbor concessions.