Feasibility study of national schemes determining the Best Possible Aquaculture Sites (MEAP) under the operational program of the European Fisheries Fund 2014-2020

Given the complexity of the administrative procedures and the need to support aquaculture project managers, measure 51.1a of the EMFF is proposed to encourage the implementation of activities on new sites. In particular, it is proposed that MEAP (Best Possible Aquaculture Sites) be set up for each type of aquaculture in order to identify sites with the best technical, economic and environmental capacity.

The study for which Oceanic Development was selected aims to assess the feasibility of national schemes that will determine these Best Possible Aquaculture Sites, based on experimentation on pilot sites. The feasibility study should propose a national methodology using pre-existing spatial planning tools and methods in France or Europe. At each stage of this study, the mobilization of pilot sites will make it possible to test the proposed methodological proposals and to validate the chosen choices.